Friday, April 28, 2017


It is the morning after clean up day. A girl died last night. Her name was Rory. She looked at the full moon for so long that she just collapsed. I didn’t believe that this could ever actually happen. It’s just a legend in stories. A girl is dead from it now. Shortly after that happened, more buildings began to disappear. Then, a spaceship came down and some green men came out of it. They took everyone in town back with them. There is only me and sweet, sweet Cornjulio left. We are all alone in a destroyed village. The color is faded from the world. Everything is dull.

Suddenly, I hear a loud, deep voice coming from the sky saying, “Welcome to the Renaissance.” And then, a bunch of stone buildings and plants that definitely don’t exist anymore begin coming up from the ground. People that got abducted by the aliens are now back and walking around, but they aren’t seeming to remember who I am. Cornjulio looks up at me. The women are wearing big, beautiful dresses and the men are wearing big baggy pants with some very sophisticated white shirts. I think me and Cornjulio are the only sane ones. The crazy thing is, I’m diggin it.

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