Wednesday, December 14, 2016


As I'm driving to work the next day, it's quite hard to see anything. Everything is covered in fog. I can't see the top of the building I work in. It's in the clouds. As I'm parked on the railroad tracks in dead traffic I begin thinking about how I forgot to have a cup od coffee this morning, so I'm very sluggish and tired. I'm not even thinking about a train coming because that hasn't happened in years. But then I hear a train horn honking. What the hell? That's strange. I start honking at the cars to move out of my way so I don't get hit, but no one is moving. The train is getting closer and closer until the headlights of it are shining in my window. Fuck!
I quickly open my door and grab sweet, sweet Cornjulio and jump out. I look back at my car and see it get smashed. I scream and yell relentlessly and Cornjulio howls at the rising sun. Then the train just stops. The roads are completely blocked in the fog.
Cornjulio and I have nothing else better to do, so we just watch. Out comes an old man and a little boy with duct tape on his mouth from the train. People begin getting out of their cars to see what's happening. Everyone is quiet and watches.
The boy walks toward an Oaktree near the park and begins setting up a blue tent. The man lays down on a blue blanket and takes off his hiking boots. It's hard to tell their exact faces. They are but shadowy figures in the midst of the fog. Cornjulio starts barking and runs toward them. He's barking louder than he ever has before. His bark is deep and threatening. He soon gets close to the old man and frightens him, and he runs into a tree like he's blind or something. "So you mock my blindness. Let me tell you..." shouts the old man. Suddenly the town is completely silent, and its pitch black outside.

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