Wednesday, November 2, 2016


After Beth stormed out of Annabell's apartment, Jamie walked in. At the time, Annabell failed to know who he was, but after about five seconds, she remembered. It was a revolutionary moment. She felt a huge rush of joy that she hadn't felt in years. Jamie was her stepbrother. She hadn't seen him since she was a little girl. They parted ways as children. Annabell stayed in England, and Jamie went with his father to America after their parents got divorced for the second time. It was hard hearing their parents fight all the time, so they would sleep outside under the fort of blankets they built every night with sweet, sweet Cornjulio.

"Hey, Anna. I heard you were in the states and when I found out you were living in the same apartment as me, I had to come and see you."

Annabell ran up to Jamie and gave him a big hug. One of the biggest he's ever received. Annabell needed this. She was lonely in this apartment and didn't know anyone.

"You've changed so much, Jamie. Is Cornjulio still kickin'?"

Jamie chuckled only a little. "You know it."

"Let's move in together!" Annabell said very quickly, avoiding eye contact with Jamie

Jamie had nearly forgotten how Annabell was. She was the girl who got what she wanted. He loved her, but in a way, he was like a jealous best friend. Annabell always got to use the pogo stick, she took ownership of the remote, she got to pick the colors of the blankets they used to build the forts. She was the kid who dropped her ice cream on purpose just to get a new flavor.

"You know, I'll think about it, Anna."

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Jamie quickly left the apartment feeling absolutely distraught about what he had just done.

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